Project Services

civil2Project Services:

Our project team is experienced and professionally trained to complete the projects on required time and quality, and in accordance with internationally recognized industrial standards.

Electrical Division:

Include the supply, installation, and commissioning of the following:
• Thermal Power Plants (up to 250MW)
• Sub-stations (up to 230KV)
• Cabling, underground power (up to 132KV) and Fiber Optics
• Switchgear
• Power transformers
• Power capacitors
• Computer Site Preparation
In computer site preparation we offer package contracts or supply specific requirement for the following: –
UPS –Batteries –Back-up Generators –Floor Access panels –Fire Alarm Systems – HVAC –Security Access and CCTV – Networking Cabling –Fiber Optics –Data Cables .


Civil Division:

By this division MOSOOK efficiently market, manage, and execute the following projects:
• Preparation and developing lands for construction
• Revamping and expansion of buildings
• Building and construction of housing, hotel, palaces and so forth.
• All painting and decoration works.
• Supplying the materials to the related above
• Trench less pipe installation/renewal/exchange.


Mechanical Division:

MOSOOK providing a wide range of mechanical industrial works such as plant managment of change ( MOS ), pipe sleepers, plat forms, life line installation, design fabricate of steel structures, pressurized and non-pressurized vessels .. etc.